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Southern Vipers secure a dream start with 2 wins at the first fixture. See homepage for details. Hopefully a match report will follow when the coach gets back to Earth!


-South East League 2015/2016

18 Nov 2012

The Vipers first match of the season was against the UK's best floorball team who have won the national cup for about 8 of the last 10 years. The London Vikings inevitably won the match but a score of 1-12 was considered a reasonable result given that we had 3 players in our side who were new to adult floorball.

The Great White Sharks from London are also one of best team's around with a mostly Scandinavian line up. Again the result of 5-12 was a reasonable result considering over half the team was under 18 years old.


25 Nov 2012

In Tournament 2 played at Charterhouse School in Godalming, the Vipers achieved a great result, beating London Hammerhead Sharks 7-4 and Brighton Rock 8-4. Well done Team! We saw goals from most of the strikers and the matches were a very positive experience. The team managed to survive a huge onslaught from the Hammerheads in last period when Hammerheads gave it everything all they had, scoring a few quick goals, but still losing the match. 8 out of the 12 players were ex-Farnham Fireballs youth players today.




9 Dec 2012

First match against Fleet was a slight disappointment as we clearly were the better team out there. We just couldn't score from anywhere. We had so many chances but our shots went either wide, hitting the posts or straight towards their keeper. We were really unlucky to get only draw out from the match, 2-2.

Second match was when all our Christmas wishes came true. Really good defensive play in two first periods Quick counter attacks resulted some brilliant goals. The Grantham Thundercats were amazed and did not know how to handle the situation. After the match they were disappointed and quite upset. A superb 8 - 7 win for Vipers. Happy Christmas guys!

Markus 13+4 = 17 4min
Mats 5+3 = 8
Tomi 5+2 = 7
Roope 5+0 = 5 4min
Santtu 1+3 = 4
Peter 1+2 = 3
Jesper 0+2 = 2
Rami 0+2 = 2 4min
Sam 0+2 = 2
Sami 1+0 = 1
Simon 0+0 = 0 4min


1 Viking 4 12p
2 GWS 4 12p
3 Vipers 6 10p
4 Grantham 6 9p
5 Hastings 4 9p
6 Brighton 6 6p
7 London HH 6 3p
8 Fleet 6 1p



Match scores and the league table are now available on the 'Leagues' page of the UKFF website www.ukfloorball.org

-South East League 2012/2013