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Farnham Shooting Stars are National Cup Runners Up

Congratulaions to our affiliated youth team, the Farnham Shooting Stars, taking 2nd place in the Under-13 section of the 2014 National Youth Cup, scoring 7 goals in the final. The Farnham Fireballs didn't fair so well in the U16 competition but did manage to beat the existing champions in their opening match. The U16 trophy eventually went to Hawick Hawks from Scotland. Photos are available in our 'photos' page.


Floorball is Britain's Newest Olympic Sport

In July 2011 the International Olympic Committee formally recognised floorball as an Olympic sport and added it to the waiting list for introduction into the Summer Olympic Games. It is hope that it will start playing in 2024. So youngsters should start playing to play now in case TEam GB enters a team!



A Perfect Introduction into Team Sports

Kids from 7 upwards love Floorball and it's a great way to introduce them to a sport that they will want to play again and again. In fact, most of the skills they learn (passing, marking, keeping the team shape and spacial awareness) and the confidence they gain set them up for most other team sports.

Floorball is safe and the rules actively discourage aggressive behaviour which makes it great for boys and girls alike (even in the adult floorball Leagues in the UK many teams are mixed).

Because players can substitute as many times as they want during a game, floorball is suitable for players who are very fit and those players who are not particularly fit. When they are out of breath they can come and take a rest for a few minutes and then return to the game. This is another reason why it is one of the most inclusive of all sports.



-Affliated Teams

Farnham Junior Teams

Farnham Fireballs and Farnham Shootings Stars are two junior teams who provide continuous floorball from the age of 8 through to 15. After school year 10 players are welcomed into Southern Vipers training sessions at Farnborough. Click on the logos below for more details of their website designed by one of the players.