-About Floorball

What is Floorball?

Floorball is based on ice hockey but is played in a gym, without physical contact. It's played by several million people in 53 countries so the name is translated many times, Innebandy in Sweden, Salibandy in Finland, etc. and it has just been registered as a sport in the UK and in 2011 was officially recognised as an Olympic sport. It is hoped that it will enter the summer Olympics in 2020 or 2024.

It's a fast sport but as the ball only weighs 23 grammes (or less than an ounce) it is a very different experience from Field Hockey or Cricket. The gym is smaller than a field hockey pitch so there's less running as well.

The rules are deliberately kept simple, e.g. no offside rule.

So it's just skill and speed that separate the great from the good


Why Haven't I Heard of It?

Floorball is very new, the first world cup was only held in 1996. The sport started in the big ice hockey countries and is now sweeping across Europe with some countries having as many as 2000 floorball clubs.


Who Can Play?

As Floorball is a non-contact sport, played with a lightweight ball it is suitable for all ages and injuries are almost non-existant. The age range in the Southern Vipers adult team is from 18 upwards, so as long as you have a basic level of fitness you'll be able to pick up the game quickly. The junior team in Farnham is for 9 to 14 year olds.

Most Floorball teams in the UK are mixed male & female and a mixed team won the Southern League for the 2006/7 season.


How Much Does It Cost?

There's no membership charge to come to our training sessions each week, you only need to pay for games, prices start at about £6 for adults and £5 for junior floorball.

We can loan you a Floorball stick for as long as you need it but many players eventually prefer to buy their own. Prices range from £20 for something that will improve your shot, up to about £45 for something that's just plain cool & funky.



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